Due to the advanced planning required for most events at Meadow Ridge Cottages, terms and conditions involving reservations are important. Please note the following policies:

  • A $150 deposit/cottage is required to reserve your retreat at Meadow Ridge Cottages within 14 days of booking or dates will be re-opened on-line.
  • All balances are due 30 days prior to the retreat.
  • Reservations cancelled more than 90 days in advance of the retreat are eligible for a full refund. If it becomes necessary to cancel or to change dates within 90 days of the retreat, please notify us immediately. If we can rent your reserved dates, we will gladly transfer your payments to another retreat date.
  • Meadow Ridge Cottages are non-smoking and pet-free facilities.
  • No spray adhesives are permitted indoors. Dying fabric in the washing machine is not permitted.
  • If roads and schools are closed due to blizzard conditions, arrangements can be made. We want our guests to be safe and we want you to come back!
  • Payments are made on-line via PayPal or to Meadow Ridge Cottages by check or money order.
  • Wisconsin sales tax rate is 5.5%.
  • We allow our guests first option to return the following year. A courtesy hold will be extended for two weeks before being opened on the calendar. It is up to you to re-book within that two week window and make your deposit to guarantee your dates.
  • A guest list (name, address, phone number) of all overnight guests must be submitted prior to arrival as required by our licensing. This list will be private and protected.

All correspondence regarding Meadow Ridge Cottages should be directed to:

Anita Norha
415 Southwood Court
Eau Claire, WI 54701